This full tube amp cost me €400. I chose the 112 model which features one 12 inch speaker (there’s also a 212 model with two 12 inch speakers). This 112 will give you 50 Watt and that’s VERY loud. The amp has a clean, crunch and overdriven channel which you can control on the amp itself, or buy a foot switch. You can take a look at the picture below for all the controls.

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Tube amps sound a lot better at higher volume. This amp is 50 Watt and that makes it suitable for little gigs. This means that you can’t really get the best sound in your bedroom, without bothering your neighbors. I usually have the volume know at about 1 and at 5 my windows start to resonate. If you’re planning to use your new amp solely in your bedroom, I would really advise you to try a 5 Watt amp. An amp like that will sound great at lower volumes, which makes it ideal for smaller rooms. One important thing you have to remember, a 5 Watt tube amp will be way louder than a 5 Watt solid state/transistor amp.

Solid State vs. Tube

In general, tube amps are a lot more expensive than solid state amps. The tubes are very vulnerable while the solid state amp is very sturdy. But there is one great advantage a tube amp has over a transistor amp; the tone. If you own a solid state amp and never tried an all tube amp, you will be amazed by the difference. It’s very hard to describe a tone with words, but a tube amp just sounds a lot warmer, nicer and really.



I paid €400 for this amp. This is very cheap for an all tube amplifier and this price comes close to the price of a good solid state amp. In my opinion, this amp sounds amazing. I’ve been using it for over four years and I still really enjoy the sound of it. If you just started playing guitar I would suggest to my a cheap Solid State amp like a Roland Cube, but for the more experienced guitarist, this is a great sounding tube amp.

Link to the footswtich: Peavey Two Button Valveking Windsor Footswitch with 15′ Cable