Guns N’Roses Tabs

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Guns N’Roses Tabs
Don’t Cry – Main Solo and Outro Solo Tab
Patience – Full Tab
Out Ta Get Me – Full Tab
One In A Million – Solo Tab
Knocking On Heaven’s Door – Full Tab
Yesterdays – Solo Tab
You’re Crazy – Full Tab
Patience – Solo Live in Tokyo Tab
Only Woman Bleed – Slash Solo Live in Tokyo Tab
Live And Let Die – Full Tab
I Used To Love Her – Solo 1 & 2 Tab
Since I Don’t Have You – Intro Tab
Patience – Solo Tab
You Could Be Mine – Full Tab
Paradise City – Intro Tab
Ain’t It Fun – Intro Tab
Double Talking Jive – Solo Tab
14 Years – Full Tab
It’s So Easy – Full Tab
Back Off Bitch – Full Tab
Welcome To The Jungle – Full Tab
Civil War – Full Tab
Sweet Child O’Mine – Full Tab
Nightrain – Full Tab

November Rain – Solo 1 & 2 Tab

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